TARİŞ is the common name of four-Cooperative Unions, the roots of which extend back to 1910's, first for the products of figs and raisins and then for cotton and olive oil.

The word "TARİŞ" consists of the initial syllables of the banks Agricultural Bank (Ziraat Bankası) and İş Bankası which supported TARİŞ Figs, Raisins, Cotton and Oil Seeds, Olive and Olive Oil Agricultural Sales Cooperatives Union, each having a legal personality at the incorporation stage.

TARİŞ presently continues to make a common roof sheltering four different producer organizations under which 96 cooperatives are associated and 100.000 producers partners are organized in 7 provinces of Aegean Region.

TARİŞ Cotton and Oil Seeds Agricultural Sales Cooperatives Union is the biggest one among the four TARİŞ Unions using the common name TARİŞ.

Having been incorporated under the name of "İzmir Cotton Agricultural Sales Cooperatives Union" in 1949, the Union then included "oil seeds" in its fields of occupation and modified its name as "TARİŞ COTTON AND OIL SEEDS AGRICULTURAL SALES COOPERATIVES UNION" as of 2005.

It is the biggest cooperative union of the cotton sector in Turkey with its 40 cooperatives, more than 18.000 partners and approximately 2500 employees in 7 provinces of The Aegean Region, consisting:

  29 cotton ginneries (5 saw-gin, 1 rotobar, 23 roller-gin),

  Plants operating for the storage, maintenance and renewal and delinting,

  Associated partners working in the fields of vegetable oil, yarn, feed, marketing and insurance.

The Union's head office is situated in İzmir. TARİŞ Cotton and Oil Seeds Agricultural Sales Cooperatives Union is listed in "the biggest 500 organizations in Turkey" by The Industry Chamber of İstanbul and in "the biggest 100 industrial organizations" by The Industry Chamber of The Aegean Region.

The Union has been contributing in seed cotton production of its partners through:

  Provision of agricultural production inputs such as chemical fertilizers of good quality, agricultural chemicals, fuel oil and seeds,

  Research and development and technical services,

  Cash credit support;

So, it ensures sustainability in agricultural production in an effective, qualitative and productive way as it prevents inaccurate treatments by the producers, through its market and price arrangement function.

The Union gets approximately 40% of the seed cotton crop of the region through its associated cooperatives and puts on the market after having them processed.

Operational Area :

  Gin industry through cotton ginneries with a capacity of 560.000 tons/year

  Vegetable oil industry through raw cotton oil plants with a capacity of 240.000 tons/year

  Textile industry through yarn and textile plants with a capacity of 19.000 tons/year

  Feed industry through the feed plant w/capacity of 110.000 tons/year.

"There is absolute strength in getting united. Establishing cooperatives combines economical and moral powers as well as intelligence and skills with each other."

K. Atatürk     

Our Mission :

  to become a balance element in the market, so that the product gain its real value in conformity with the principles of the cooperative system;

  to increase the value of our partners' products in the best way by producing the best quality and by a market focused approach.

Our Vision :

  to achieve a leading position both in domestic and international markets; to become reliable and indispensable for our partners, employees and customers owing to our products of the best quality.

Our Main Values :

  respect to producer, worker, consumer and environment;

  being open to changes and developments;

  understanding of democratic management and spirit of cooperative system;

  support of team working ;

  traditional TARİŞ quality and reliability;

  natural products.