Taris Unions of Agricultural Co-Operatives for the sales of figs, raisin and cotton have a distinguished and a proud place within the historical development of co-operatives in Turkey and its roots dates back to 1915.

TARİŞ is the common name of four-Cooperative Unions, when it was organized under the leadership of Nazmi TOPÇUOĞLU, Kazım Nuri ÇÖRÜŞ and Ahmet SARI first for the products of figs and raisins and then for cotton and olive oil.

As the dependence to the outside growths in some products of the Aegean region brought about fluctuations in trade at the beginning of the 20th century, farmers could not sell their products and became toys in the hands of loan sharks. In order to remove that negative appearance, the first step for being a cooperative was taken in 1912 by the congresses of producers in Germencik and in Aydin.

Since its first conception in 1914 when only the Fig producers of Aydin province had formed their association, "TARIS" has grown rapidly as the idea of establishing agricultural sales cooperatives gained wide acceptance.

The main function of "Taris" is to act as a cooperative union through which the rights of producing members are protected. Thus, their products could be evaluated in the most beneficial ways. The other important function is to act as a government agent as it has become essential in the implementation of the "Price Support System" in which the commodities of member growers are bought at pre-determined prices which might not be same with the market prices.

After the purchasing from the growers, the activity cycle of "TARIS" as producer / exporter continues in the form of processing and packing in line with the needs of the domestic and international markets.